Professional Digital Design Services

It is the goal of Pen & Ink Magic to provide professional online design services. We strive to present our completed project goals with the highest quality, prompt service, and a competitive fee structure. We work remotely with clients, worldwide.

Why our Services are Desired

Creative design, playful illustrations, photo services, combined with professional quality, glowing references, and prompt service makes Pen & Ink Magic what it is today. Leatherwood at Pen & Ink Magic looks forward to serving you.

Magical, Artistic, Gorgeous, Intelligent, Captivating–unique designs.

Creative Design

Pen & Ink Magic can help reaching your marketing goals with graphic designs that get you to your marketing destination. Several areas of these design services include corporate branding, marketing collateral materials, and promotional materials for employees and/or clients.

Playful Illustrations

Another area of Leatherwood’s expertise is in illustration. Leatherwood can design book covers, book illustrations, and create concept character development. The art can be created through traditional art methods or modern digital art.

Photo: Painting, Restoration, Retouch, and Product Photography

The third area of Pen & Ink Magic services is the photo section. It contains photo painting, photo restoration, photo retouch, and product photography services. Leatherwood is an advanced pixel master and uses current pixel software to push your image further.

Contact Us

Contact us today. Our easy online service is performed via email, phone, text, and file sharing on GoogleDrive or DropBox.