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Photo Retouch

5” x 7” Downloads, Non-commercial

Photo Retouch

You can call Laura L. Leatherwood a digital repair expert or a professional photo editor. She uses only advanced digital photo restoration techniques at Pen & Ink Magic. Leatherwood can turn back time and make old photographs seem new once more.

Photo Retouch, Photo Enhancement, Artist Touch Retouching
Photo Retouch, Background Removal, Background Replacement, Photo Enhancement

Submit an image today on the contact page. Pen & Ink Magic will follow up with more questions. Because an image experiences several degrees of damage, Leatherwood needs to evaluate each image before replying with a quote.

Photo Retouching, Photo Enhancement, Clean Background
Photo Retouching, Photo Enhancement, Clean Background

Consider taking your photograph one step further and commission a photo painting. Pen & Ink Magic offers photo painting, abstract portrait painting, and digital vector design.

Leatherwood has a formal education and professional experience in photo retouching. She maintains the latest computer photo editing software to quickly and easily complete the task at hand.

Photo Retouch, Remove Wrinkles, Brighten Image, Photo Enhance
Photo Retoucher, Photo Retouch, Remove Wrinkles, Get Rid of Flyaways, Brighten Image, Lighten Image, Lighten Eyes

Whether you have an issue with red eye, skin blemishes, or need to remove a few wrinkles, Leatherwood is ready to help you with your images. These are considered minor photo retouches.

For an additional fee, Pen & Ink Magic may be able to replace a background or complete more sophisticated processes.

Photo Retouch, Photo Retoucher, Photo Enhancement, Cover Gray Hair, Brighten Eyes, Wrinkle Remover, Retouch by Leatherwood

If you have any questions, submit a message on the contact page and Leatherwood will respond shortly. If you accept the quote, Leatherwood will email the completed digital file to you.

You are welcome to take the digital file to your own photo lab, print shop, or print-on-demand website.

Photo Retouching, Photo Enhancement, Clean Background
Photo Retouching, Photo Enhancement, Clean Background

Photo Retouch Services

Blemish Removal

Color Correction

Red-eye Removal

Wrinkle Removal


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