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Happy Labor Day!

Happy Labor Day from my home to yours. Stay safe and please wear a mask. 

This has been a very challenging year. Well, in fact, that is an understatement. When the pandemic hit this year, all sales abruptly stopped and very few businesses made inquiries. I even stopped working myself for several months until I regrouped.

I had to look at why I was running Pen & Ink Magic and determined that creating art was what I truly desired to do. I halted my graphic design business, bought new art supplies, and began painting abstracts more regularly.

It is a real joy for me to be able to express myself, focus on things that ultimately matter to me like creativity. I have a renewed interest in textile and surface design.

I would like to meet other people in the field on both the creative end and the production end. If you can refer me to anyone, by website or social media, let me know on the contact page please.


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