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Alcohol Ink Work by Laura L. Leatherwood

A few years back I discovered alcohol ink during the mixed media journaling craze. Artists and crafters were dripping this medium on polypropylene paper. It is basically a plastic instead of a wood product.

The process is sometimes even more fun than the results because the alcohol crawls across the surface. So, I could watch the results unfold before my eyes.

Drops in different colors tend not to mix together. Therefore you can drip different colors in the same location and create circle banding. You can draw through one drop of ink and create a streak in the new color.

I pulled out my airbrush and blew the ink across the surface at times.

After months of experimentation, I found that coated palette paper was a cheaper alternative to pure polypropylene paper.

I learned that transparent tape and glue were good materials to use to create a resist on the paper.

My designs became more and more varied. It is the challenge of variation I find interesting and satisfying.


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