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Pen and Ink Work

I really appreciate the traditional means of design with my fine art training. At one point I took several courses in advertising design. They were basically illustration courses that featured a lot of black ink pen work.

Because my father was a draftsman/engineer, I was already familiar with technical pens and ink. I would go into work with him on the weekends sometimes, try out the supplies, and draw on a huge drafting table.

So when it was my time to use these products in class, I remember eagerly going to an art store and picking up a set of pens for myself. Each pen is fine tipped and has a different sized nib. They are refillable and fantastic.

I loved the crispness of the work on illustration board. Early on, illustration boards were photographed and published instead of work being designed on computers.

In other drawing courses we would draw with fountain pens, bamboo ink brushes, and even outdoor sticks and branches. Each tool of the trade creates its unique look in mark making.

Black Sumi ink has always been my ink of choice. It is a very rich black and makes the greatest contrast against a white backdrop. That is why this ink is generally used for calligraphy.

Later on in my education, I remember in a life painting course, I used the stick method and painted a male reclining nude in a reddish sepia toned ink. Well, my husband was my model and my piece was featured in a display cabinet on campus. Oh dear! He was a very good sport.

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