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Analytical Versus Creative Mind


When trying to set up my website to sell art, I looked up examples. The about pages would always say things like the artist always had the passion to draw or paint.

I’ve never really had that experience. Sure, I liked to color in coloring books and do the occasional drawing, but it wasn’t like I needed to fill some sort of life long passion.

I really grew into it and love it more and more as I get older. I had a girlfriend while in college notice I was playing with her daughter’s doodle board. She said that she had never seen anyone play with it so much, especially as an adult. I think that is when my transformation started to occur.

In my earlier days, I started out with an analytical mind and spent my time solving logic puzzles for entertainment. I was very rigid in my beliefs and art did not play a role. I thought people were either analytical or creative, nothing in between.

Later, I saw that people could be both and every interval in between. Being creative meant thinking out of the box and exploration. I could still set up a hypothesis, test it, and get a result. It is not as different in concept as I once thought.

Computer generated fractals are definitely art and methods of creating depth in two dimensions or three took reasoning skills. Understanding light and shadows, form, and color were whole fields of learning.

Now the simplicity of how one medium reacts to another captivates me. In the end I can see my art being not much more than a dot. The whole thing boils down to a science experiment.


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