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Hyperrealism Versus Artistic Expression


Have you ever seen artwork where you had to do a double take to see if it was a photograph or not? This is realism on steroids, for sure.

These are some amazing pieces of art with very skilled artisans to back it up. The details are truly astounding and a great amount of time and care were placed into the finished piece. However, unless you are telling your own narrative with the art piece, just take a picture of what you see and be done with it.

I really favor artistic expression in art work. I had someone ask me why I painted my black, brown, and white tabby, blue. I said, “Because I can!” I really get excited to be able to color and stylize art the way I like. I am in the driver’s seat now and I make the decisions.

That being said, those artisans painted that way because they could. It is all about personal tastes. Isn’t that the fantastic thing about art? Not only can the artist decide how to create a design, they are viewed by people who can decide what it is they prefer.

Not only that, I have had my own tastes change. I am sure that is true of the audience as well. It would be interesting to see what types of pieces last through posterity; the ultimate classic pieces. Would it be determined by politics and world events or simply a type of artist expression?


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