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Integrity T-shirt Offered at Amazon


I have to thank this customer who provided images of himself wearing one of my T-shirt designs at Amazon. The T-shirt is called Expressions – Integrity and is offered in a men’s or woman’s T-shirt. It comes in short and long sleeves in a variety of sizes and colors too.

If you would like this Expressions – Integrity design on other items, such as a sweatshirt, hoodie, zippered hoodie, or tank top, let me know. I will upload the product for you.


As a side note, if you have purchased a product with my art, please send me photos and your permission to use them in my marketing stash. I would appreciate being able to share these items in future posts and social media sites.

Have a great weekend!


Expressions – Integrity

This “Expressions – Integrity” image is a great gift or treat for yourself. It is for those who expressing an inner strength. It is a modern graphic design image created by Laura L. Leatherwood to remind oneself to hold on to a moral compass.

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Laura L. Leatherwood is an artist and affiliate on Amazon. A royalty and affiliate reward may be provided to Leatherwood using the Amazon product links.


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