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Laura L. Leatherwood


The world will always need artists. They are the creative problem solvers, thought provokers, and entertainers of the world. The creative arts will never be stifled during difficult times. Creativity is not a process an artist can merely turn off. It lives within the artist and it will flourish during troubling situations as well as fortunate ones. The strength of an artist is identifying how to funnel this innate creative energy into something inherently meaningful to that individual. For myself, I create art as a form of self expression and sharing my design work with others is a blessing.

I want to introduce myself formally. I am an artist named Laura L. Leatherwood and I launched Pen & Ink Magic in 2007. My design work is often filled with an artistic use of color and abstract design elements. I have merged my education and training in the fine arts with skills as a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. My modern intelligent design gives me an elite distinction among other surface designers.

Design by Laura L. Leatherwood

When you shop with Pen & Ink Magic, you will be supporting my small California business that appeals to customers globally. You also have the ability to connect with a current living artist. Because of this accessibility, you can have your inquiries resolved in regard to designs on products sold. In addition, special requests and commissioned art can be made on the contact page.

Yellow Construction Site by LAURA


I founded a career with Pen & Ink Magic that fulfilled my art passion and love of abstract art. As the daughter of a seamstress, quilter, and fashionista, I was immersed in an artistic culture, cultivating a rich knowledge of textile materials, prints, and surface patterns. 

Later, I went to college and took many years of art courses in drawing, painting, digital art, and also surface design. I joined a quilt guild for several years and most appreciated the fine art quilts, fabric dying, appliqués, and the multitude of material surfaces and textures that fabric provided. 

From a fine art perspective, I was drawn to the interaction of mediums on these surfaces. A passion for art exploration began and design confidence emerged after years of experience.

I enjoy designing in the moment. Instead of tight work, it is expressive and lyrical in movement and style. The colors are often strikingly bold to match the vigorous nature of my complex compositions.

For me, abstract design is not only a job; it is an all encompassing journey that serves as a hobby as well. It can help me express so many emotions. First, it can embody a therapeutic form of meditation and inner thought. The result is a sense of peace in an otherwise complex world. On the other end of the spectrum, my design process often serves as a logic puzzle, keeping my mind active and fresh. It can be exhilarating and fun on so many levels!

As an artist, I find abstract art to be a natural extension of myself. I treasure my creative time immensely as personal artistic exercise of self-actualization. As a result, I detail my thoughts in a visual manner, much as a writer would scribe their thoughts in a journal. My mindset, at that moment, manifests in my designs and the excitement of trying out new art mediums makes the process even more fulfilling.

See the post about the artist for more information.


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