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Laura L. Leatherwood is a self-described “alcohol ink artist”

alcohol ink, abstract art, wall art

Alcohol Ink Artist

Laura L. Leatherwood is a self-described “alcohol ink artist” who uses an intuitive process to guide her. Instead of using traditional painting methods, Laura drops, smears, and sprays alcohol ink directly onto her chosen substrate. This results in a beautiful, highly textured and vibrant painting.

The benefits of Laura’s approach are twofold. First, it allows her to achieve a level of detail and texture that would be difficult to achieve with a brush. Second, it is a very forgiving medium – if she makes a mistake, she can simply wipe it away and start again.

Alcohol ink is a highly versatile medium, and Laura’s approach to painting with it is equally flexible. She often starts with a vague idea or concept in mind, and allows the ink to guide her as she goes. This results in paintings that are complex and layered, with hidden details and surprises.

For Laura, the process of painting with alcohol ink is as important as the final product. It is a meditative and therapeutic experience that allows her to connect with her creativity and intuition. She often works in silence, letting the ink and the painting take her where they will.

Laura’s paintings are vibrant and alive, and her approach to painting with alcohol ink is uniquely her own. It is an approach that is both highly creative and deeply personal, and one that results in beautiful and evocative paintings.

The Beauty of Alcohol Ink

Alcohol ink is a versatile and beautiful medium that can be used to create stunning artworks. Laura has some tips on how to get the most out of this medium.

Alcohol ink can be used on a variety of surfaces, including glass, metal, ceramic, and plastic. It is important to choose a surface that is non-porous, as the ink will not adhere to porous surfaces.

Alcohol ink is translucent, so it is important to choose a light-colored surface if you want your colors to be true to life.

To create a marbled effect, Laura recommends adding a few drops of ink to a cup of alcohol. Then, dip your chosen tool into the mixture and apply it to your surface. You can also create interesting swirls and patterns by blowing on the wet ink.

Alcohol ink is a fast-drying medium, so you will need to work quickly. Have all of your materials ready before you begin working, and be prepared to move from one step to the next without pausing.

Laura recommends using a variety of different techniques to create interesting and unique effects with alcohol ink. She also suggests experimenting with different brands of ink, as each brand produces slightly different results.

Alcohol ink is a beautiful and versatile medium that can be used to create stunning artworks. With a little practice, you can create beautiful pieces of art using this medium.

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