Playful Illustrations

Another area of Laura L. Leatherwood’s expertise is in illustration. Leatherwood can design book covers & illustrations as well as many other types of commercial illustration. The art can be created through traditional art methods or modern digital art.

Nurtures Creativity

The design studio of Pen & Ink Magic is the place that nurtures creativity.

Look through the eyes of an artist!

Eagle, Digital Painting, Digital Art, Illustration, Mixed Media Design, Colorful Bird Art, Painted Feathers, Eagle Portrait Painting

Artistic Spin

She will put an artistic spin on your project. Many of my creations start with a photograph or a scanned object.

Through the use of traditional artist media or the state-of-the-art computer software, new artistic expressions evolve.

Mermaid, Illustration, Mermaid T-shirt, Vector Design

Mixed Media Design Skills

Laura L. Leatherwood displays the design skills of a fine artist as well as a digital artist. She is versed in traditional art methods such as drawing and painting.

She uses traditional materials such as pencils, crayons, inks, and paint, as well as recyclable materials and found items in mixed media pieces. These items are either photographed or scanned and worked on digitally. 

Leatherwood uses digital painting and vector design to complete the project at hand.

Illustration, Mermaid Illustrations, Mixed Media Design, Colorful Mermaids, Digital Mermaid Painting, Digital Design by Leatherwood

Where to Find Illustrations

Although the end product may be considered graphic design, an illustration may be present on each of these items, such as book covers, book illustrations, magazine or newspaper illustrations, posters, album covers and so forth.

Illustration, Composition, Digital Design, Digital Painting by Leatherwood


Album Covers

Book Covers & Illustration

Character Design

Magazine Illustration

Newspaper Illustration

Poster Design

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