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Art as Unique as the Artist Themselves


An important thing to realize as an artist is to not compare yourself to another artist. Your art is uniquely yours. It is as unique as your own handwriting.

I would have instructors in college who would be amused that we as students would be given the same assignment, with all the same tools, and yet end up with so many different outcomes.

I believe what makes this happen is the one item that is different in the equation which happens to be the artist themselves.

Each person offers various decisions to the design challenge. The artist’s life experience weighs in on the grand equation even if all the artists might all be presumed beginners, in let’s say, a course in drawing or painting.

An artist has their their own physical body and intellect to draw upon. The movement of their own body affects the way pigment may be placed on a surface. The patience they have showing detail can also be a huge influence in the art piece.

In addition, what this individual artist has seen in their environment sways their decisions. They have their own personal identity and the choice of how they would like to show their work is apparent whether it manifests intentionally or not.

The assignment and the materials become inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. The project has no right answers other than to follow the initial guidelines. The results seem chaotic and random in nature.

Now I can see why the varied results to the instructor can be so thrilling to experience. The instructor, from then on, will expect the non expected.


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